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London 2012

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Clare Nott

When you're a little girl watching the Paralympics you are in awe of the Paralympians and what they have achieved just to be there. To finally be there and have small children look at you in awe is very humbling.

- Clare Nott

Annette Edmondson

When I woke up to the words “You are now officially an Olympian”, a wave of excitement came across me. It sent shivers down my body and I felt slightly out-of-breath. I can honestly say I have never felt so proud in my entire life.

- Annette Edmondson

Alex Green

I cannot wait to compete in my favourite event the 3000m Individual Pursuit on the first day of competition. I also am really excited to be a part of the best disabled athletes in the world, I can't wait to meet as many people as I can.

- Alex Green

Lauren Jackson

I am very patriotic and putting on the green and gold still gives me shivers. Representing Australia to me is so important because I am representing my family, friends and supporters as well as the broader Australian community which is very special to me.

- Lauren Jackson

Updates from the Games

Jo Brigden-Jones: Back to reality

Jo Brigden-Jones: Back to reality

Post-Olympic life has been great although the Olympics feel like they happened years ago. I still sometimes stop and think ‘did that really happen?’. Having the ‘Olympian’ tag hasn’t changed me as a person but it has provided with me some great opportunities over the past couple of months.