Sport for Women

About Sport for Women

Despite the fact that as many women are participating in sport in Australia as men, it remains clear that inequalities exist between the sexes when it comes to sport. Coverage of women’s sport in the media is still dwarfed by that of men’s sport, and without significant investment this situation is unlikely to change.

We're committed to bringing together high-profile politicians, leading administrators, elite female athletes and the wider sporting community to discuss some of the issues that women in the sporting arena have to face.

The Sport for Women initiative is helping to amplify the voices of people who care about the ongoing growth, development and promotion of women’s sport. By providing an open forum for discussion of the major challenges facing women's sport, we're working to build the profile of women's sport and foster community around the initiative. To find out how you can become part of the Sport for Women community, please explore some of the links in the sidebar on the right of this page.

Our Mission and Challenges:

  • to raise the profile of women's sport across Australia
  • to secure increased media coverage of women's sport in Australia
  • to encourage all Australian women to continue to participate in sport as they move through life
  • to combat negative portrayals of women's sport

What other challenges do you think we need to address? Let us know in the Sport for Women Forum.


Sarah Walsh (Western Sydney Wanderers FC, Matildas) on the importance of getting behind women in sport, televising women's sport and the importance of events like Sport for Women Day.

Sportswomen Care

We have challenged ourselves to secure increased media coverage of women's sport. You can read our plan for action here and the thinking behind it here.

Women's Hour

Women's Hour has two component parts:

  • Every March a mass exercise event for women will take place in every state capital aiming to promote active and healthy lifestyles for all women.
  • Throughout the year you can keep active with our corporate sporting responsibility programme

Creating Sustainable Sport

  • Get active with an hour's exercise. Whether it's a walk in the park or a free aerobics class, decide upon your favourite charity, make a contribution and tell your story. Ask your empoyer to match the contribution and we will profile your story.
  • OR if you can't afford a donation think up a great idea to help those less fortunate. We will help persuade your employer to match your commitment and make somebody's dreams come true.
  • Women's Hour - A time to talk, act, help and work.
  • Activate your women's hour now and raise the profile of women everywhere.

Sport for Women Day

International Women’s Day is celebrated every year in March. Sports Hydrant proposes the promotion of this day with Sport for Women Day, a national celebration of women’s sport around Australia.

As a key part of Sport for Women Day Sports Hydrant is also promoting Women’s Hour, a fun recreational exercise event designed to highlight women’s sporting activities and send positive messages to women about women, health and lifestyle.