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Australian Olympic Women: Gymnastics

Ashleigh Brennan, Emily Little, Georgia Bonora, Janine Murray, Larissa Miller and Lauren Mitchell.

All-around individual:
Emily Little: 10th
Ashleigh Brennan: 15th

Ashleigh Brennan

Emily Little

Georgia Bonora

Janine Murray

Artistic Gymnastics 101

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Jargon buster

Arabesque: A position in which the gymnast will balance on one leg, holding the other leg raised and extended behind the body in a split, preferably at 180 degrees.

All-around: Competitions that feature a variety of different elements (six for men, four for women).

Balance beam: A single beam, 5m long and 10cm wide, used only in women’s competition.

Podium: The raised competition area.

Release: When gymnasts let go of the bar to perform a move before grasping it again.

Salto: A flip or somersault where the gymnast rotates around the axis of their hips.

Vault: The vault is 120cm long and 95cm wide, and is set at a height of 135cm (for men) or 125cm (for women).

Basic rules

Women compete on the vault, uneven bars, balance beam and floor, and the first competition to be contested is the team event, which doubles as the qualification round for the individual and all-around contests.

Scores are given to the gymnasts by a panel of judges who take into account the degree of difficulty and the quality of the execution.

The judges are separated into two groups. One group scores the degree of difficulty of the routine and the other group scores the routines’ execution, artistry and composition.

The top 24 overall gymnasts advance to the all-around final contest while the top eight scorers on each apparatus qualify for the individual apparatus finals.


Gymnastics News

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  • Gymnastics wrap up

    Australia’s eight-member gymnastics team performed credibly across all disciplines in the London Games with Lauren Mitchell leading the way with her outstanding 5th placing in the individual floor routine, just 0.067 off a medal.

  • Murray finds her rhythm

    Australia's wildcard entry Janine Murray picked up two places on the final day of the all round individual rhythmic gymnastics competition at Wembley Arena.

  • Janine getting her rhythm on the run

    Australia's rhythmic gymnastics wildcard entry Janine Murray said she learnt some valuable lessons in her Olympic debut today (Thursday) which she will put into practice tomorrow in part two of the qualifying round at Wembley Arena.

  • Murray knows no medals in store

    Fearing Olympic burnout before she had even twirled a ribbon, Australia's rhythmic gymnast Janine Murray kept herself away from the London Games hype.

  • Mitchell gracious as she misses medal by narrowest of margins

    Lauren Mitchell put one small foot about 10 centimetres in front of the other, tapped the floor, then brought her toes back into line. "Point zero six six is like that — not even that," she said of the distance between her and Australia's first Olympic medal in artistic gymnastics.

Artist Gymnastics Team