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Bianca Hammett, Eloise Amberger, Frankie Owen, Jenny-Lyn Anderson, Olia Burtaev, Samantha Reid, Sarah Bombell, Tamika Domrow and Tarren Otte.

Eloise Amberger

What does going to the Olympics mean for you? London being my second games, it's an amazing achievement for me! Being selected as the duet, however, is my absolute career highlight. It has been my dream and my goal and I'm so thankful I can experience this achievemnt with my best friends (my teammates).

How did you feel when you made the team? Proud. I have trained for over half of my life to represent australia in synchro, so to be able to do it again was such an achievement!

What are you looking forward to most about London? Walking out onto the pool deck to swim our routines and seeing our family in the crowd in a sea of green and gold. Thinking of it gives me goosebumps :)

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Olia Burtaev

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