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Australian Olympic Women: Boxing

For the first time, barring an exhibition bout in 1902, women will box in the Olympic Games. Naomi-Lee Fischer-Rasmussen is our sole representative.

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Q & A

What does going to the Olympics mean for you?

At first it had a dream like quality to it. I kept expecting to wake up and find it wasn’t real. Competing at Olympic level means a lot of hard work and self discipline every day of the week. I can’t indulge in my favourite food (chocolate), I can’t pull the blanket over my head and say “not today Coach”. None of that matters...I’m going to be part of the MAGIC of the Olympic Games. I am going to rub shoulders with world class athletes and maybe even get to know some of them. I feel privileged and blessed.

How did you feel when you made the team?

I was happy I had qualified but that was dampened by sadness for all those Australian women boxers who pioneered the sport but didn’t get the opportunity I have. I compared myself to some of those women and felt unworthy of the honour...but then I realised I had to make myself worthy. I was being given an opportunity so few ever get so I had to make sure I made the most of it, not just for myself but for them as well. The performance of the women boxers in London will determine the future of women’s boxing in the Olympic Games and my performance will have a significant influence on the sport in Australia. Oops...I’m scaring myself.

I am not totally altruistic though...I am stoked to be part of the whole Olympic Team and will wear the uniform and represent my country with pride.

What are you looking forward to most about London?

I am looking forward to the excitement, hustle and bustle of the Olympic village, getting my Australian uniform, meeting other Aussies on the team, meeting other competitors, meeting old friends and making new ones, the competition...the list is endless. I’m bubbling with excitement while trying to appear calm and composed.