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Australian Olympic Women: Triathlon

Emma Moffatt, Emma Jackson and Erin Densham.

3rd: Erin Densham
8th: Emma Jackson
DNF: Emma Moffatt

Emma Moffatt

Emma Jackson

Erin Densham

Triathlon 101

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Jargon buster

Transition: The changeover from one discipline to the next

Transition time: The time it takes a competitor to change form one discipline to the next – this is counted in the overall time

Drafting: Riding in the slipstream of another cyclist to conserve energy

Bonking: When a competitor ‘hits the wall’ during an event and loses all their energy

Basic rules

55 competitors will line up for a 1500m swim, a 43km cycle and a 10km run. All these disciplines are run continuously with no break, and the transition time between each one is also counted in the final time.

Competitors must follow strict rules in the transition such as having their helmet on and fastened before mounting the bike and getting off the bike before entering the transition area. If rules are broken, time penalties incur.

In the Olympics drafting is allowed on the bike leg (unlike in many triathlons) – this means riders can tuck in behind another rider to avoid wind resistance and conserve energy.

Critics say that this makes the playing field too level and means most riders finish the bike leg in a pack. As a result it is often the strongest runner that goes on to win the overall race.


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