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Australian Olympic Women: Tennis

Anastasia Rodionova, Casey Dellacqua, Jarmila Gajdosova and Sam Stosur.

Sam Stosur

Anastasia Rodionova & Jarmila Gajdosova

Tennis 101

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Ace: Powerful serve that the opposing player fails to touch with their racket.

Deuce: The score 40-40. A player must win two consecutive rallies to win the game.

Let: Requires the point to be replayed, normally when a serve makes contact with the net or there is some kind of distraction to the players.

Lob: A ball hit high in the air, usually deep into the opponent’s court.

Love: No points, zero.

Tie-break: If the score in games reaches 6-6 in anything other than the deciding set, there is a tie-break, won by the first player or doubles team to reach seven points with a margin of at least two clear points.

A first-to-10 tie-break is also used to decide mixed doubles matches that reach one set all.

Basic rules

A player will win a point if they hit a shot that their opponent cannot return or their opponent’s shot lands outside the court.

To win a single game a player must win four points, by two clear points. To win a set a player must win six or seven games and be two games ahead of his opponent.

If the score is 6-6 a tiebreak will be played where the winner is the first to seven by a margin of two or more points. To win a match a player must win two out of three sets.

At the Games, the tennis will be played according to a knockout format, with the winners of the semi-finals facing each other on Wimbledon’s famous Centre Court for a gold medal.

All matches will be played to the best of three sets, apart from the men’s singles final, which is the best of five sets.


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