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Australian Olympic Women: Weightlifting

Seen Lee is Australia's sole representative in the weightlifting.

63kg class: 7th

Seen Lee

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Jargon buster

Hooking: A grip technique where the last joint of the thumb is covered by the other fingers of the same hand.

Press out: the lifter holds the bar above their head with bent elbows then ‘presses them out’ to straighten them, this move is illegal.

No lift: at least two of the referees judge the lift to be unsuccessful.

Squat: the athlete drops while bending their legs with the feet to either side.

Basic rules

104 women will be competing this summer, competitors are required to perform two types of lift, the ‘clean and jerk’ and the ‘snatch’.

The ‘clean and jerk’ move involves the athlete lifting the barbell explosively to their chest and then raising it above their head. The ‘snatch’ moves involves the barbell being lifted from the floor to over the head in one continuous movement.

The competition starts with each athlete naming the weight they will start on, with the lowest going first.

Each lifter has three attempts at each weight and the weight on the bar always goes up until there is one woman standing. In a tie, the lifter with the lowest body weight is the winner.

A lift is counted as an attempt as soon as the barbell rises above the knee and it is only successful if it is above the athletes head with locked arms and straight legs.