Sport for Women

Sport for Women Day 2015

Sport for Women DayThe Sport for Women initiative is all about helping to amplify the voices of people who care about the ongoing growth, development and promotion of women in sport.

We run Sport for Women Day to help us do exactly that!

This year our ambition is to celebrate the successes, to learn from this success and begin the work of together building a new legacy for women's sport to support and benefit future generations.

We are presenting three events to achieve this:

  • Sports Breakfast - Review of AGENDA 2013. What's happened?
  • Agenda 2015: Sportswomen Care
  • The Sportswomen's Ball

Join us on Sport for Women Day in 2015 to help promote women in sport and engage with community leaders in discussion on how we can improve participation, support and career pathways for the nation's sportswomen.

Agenda Conference