Agenda Conference

Is this for me?

A full day of hands-on workshops and engaging discussions, building a positive, practical and inspiring vision for the future of women's sport

Government and Sporting Organisation Administrators

We have a series of facilitated discussions especially for attending administrators, in which we'll begin by examining just how Canberra's women's sport programmes have achieved the success they have. Representatives from across the community will explain how they've supported women in sport and, critically, why. Throughout the day we'll assess how much of that can be encouraged and replicated in other regions, how you think we can improved on it and together build a blueprint for real progress on these plans.

By the end of the conference we'll have a compiled set of recommendations for presenting to our nation's leaders, presented later that evening at the Sportswomen's Ball to our Federal Sports Minister, the Hon. Kate Lundy.

Elite Sportswomen

You will meet elite sportswomen already earning a living from their sporting careers and join the discussion on what has enabled this success. Following these insights and conversation we've got a day jam-packed with in-depth workshops covering what you can do right now to build your own personal brand and take control of your career.

By the end of these workshops you'll have real tools and knowledge that you can use that evening to promote yourself and interact authentically with fans across social media, the web and the media.

Of course, athletes wanting to join the broader conversation through the day and administrators looking for some social/web/media training for their organisations are more than welcome to jump across the divide! Just let us know and we'll make sure there's a spot for you.

We're very excited about the conference and invite you to join us in building a new legacy for the future of Australian Women's Sport. See you there!