Sport for Women

Sport for Women Day 2011

aflbigkickSport for Women Day 2011 was a celebration of women’s sport, women’s health, fitness activities and women’s lifestyles. For women of all ages and abilities promoting unity and inclusion. From inspiring role model to beginner, the day brought together all women who want to engage in sport and fitness, enjoying a balanced life with a healthy active lifestyle.

There were two live festival sites for Sport for Women Day 2011; Canberra and Sydney, as well as 48 participating Curves locations around the country.

It’s was a FREE festival of sport where you had the chance to Zumba® with celebrities, meet World, Olympic and Sporting Champions like Kerri Pottharst (Beach Volleyball), Alex Blackwell (Cricket), Jess Bibby (Basketball), Sally Shiphard (Football) and Kristy Giteau (Rugby) and many more below, as well as try out a variety of sports.

The day was supported by over 150 elite sports stars, bringing the community together to promote the benefits of active lifestyles and raise awareness about women’s health. The day itself consisted of three parts, designed to appeal not only to the sporting fanatic, but also those interested in a social, healthy and energetic way of life:

  • Women’s Hour, an hour long fitness class in 50 locations around Australia
  • Demonstrations from over 30 different sports and recreational activities across the two sites in Canberra and Sydney
  • The ultimate tug-of-war challenge where over 100 Australian International representatives were pitted against each other including Gymnastics against the Jillaroos in Sydney, and Canberra Capitals against the Wallaroos in Canberra.
Sport for Women Day 2011 captured the atmosphere of a festival with interactive and social experiences for all involved.

Sport for Women Day is...