Agenda Conference

Agenda Conference Format

The format of the day will consist of two primary streams of participation – professional education workshops for athletes and facilitated, practical discussions for sporting administrators.

There will be some cross-over in session format. Athletes will begin the day with their own facilitated discussion, breaking out afterwards into hands-on professional education workshops.

Of course, athletes wishing to join the broader conversation through the day and administrators interested in the training workshops for their organisations will be more than welcome to jump across the divide.

A third participation stream will run online alongside these – a live blog covering sections of the administrator sessions, social media conversations and the release throughout the day of the case study video packages viewed during the first sessions.

Through this third stream we will be encouraging public conversation on the future of women in sport. By live blogging selected portions of the day’s sessions we will be inviting comments from athletes, coaches, administrators – anyone with an interest in the future of women’s sport – the opportunity to follow what is being talked about and contribute their thoughts.

We are certainly encouraging participants to be tweeting throughout the event, the official hashtag for this year’s AGENDA Conference is #sfwagenda