Sport for Women

Because every woman deserves the right to be involved in sport, whether it's for pleasure or it's your profession. Sport enhances people's lives in so many ways. Be active, be healthy - expand yourself!

- Lauren Jackson, Basketball

I think sport is such a wonderful way to learn about life, it teaches you so many important things, plus feeling fit and healthy give you such a positive attitude and it's a great way to meet people and socialise.

- Libby Trickett, Swimming

Sport for Women Day is a fantastic opportunity to recognise the many extraordinary achievements of females in sport. More importantly though, it is a celebration of the countless joys and virtues sport can provide to women all around Australia. For me, the level of participation and enjoyment that is experienced through sport is a true measure of success.

- Ellyse Perry, Cricket and Football

Sport for Women Day is a great way for women to celebrate wellness and be involved in an active lifestyle, to be inspired by our role models and to promote sport for everyone.

- Senator the Hon. Kate Lundy

Every day should be Sport for Women Day!

- Kim Crow, Rowing