Agenda Conference

What are the themes of the Conference?

Building a Legacy for the Future of Women in Sport

In 2013 the ambition of Sport for Women Day and AGENDA is to celebrate the success of those who have come before us, to learn from this success and begin the work of together building a new legacy for women in sport, supporting and benefiting our future generations.

Participants of this year’s AGENDA Conference will be the architects of this legacy!

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

In Canberra’s centenary year, we will acknowledge the great steps forward women’s sport has made in the ACT. We will review how and why Canberra has broken through the traditional barriers of government, media, sponsorship and community participation and build a plan for modeling this success in similar regions throughout the nation.

The Power of Personal Responsibility

At the heart of Canberra’s achievements have been individuals - athletes, administrators, public officials, journalists, business leaders - each making their own decision to take action in spite of the traditional challenges. AGENDA aims to inspire our participants to take their own action and become leaders amongst their teammates, organisations and communities.