Agenda Conference

Outcomes of Agenda 2013

If we’re asking you to participate in discussion, we want to give you a reason to!

It’s all well and good for us to talk about building a legacy but that’s not much use if we’ve got nothing to show for it!

During the second half of our day, based on the earlier discussions, we will construct a set of recommendations from this conference for rolling out support to other regions for their women’s sports programmes.

We will have identified what is working in Canberra, why it is working, improvements and roll-out strategies and a framework for implementation. These recommendations will address each of these points and provide suggestions for changing views and building support in communities for women in sport.

This set of recommendations will be presented to Minister for Sport, Senator the Hon. Kate Lundy that evening during the final event of Sport for Women Day 2013, the Sportswomen’s Ball in the Great Hall of Parliament House.

For athletes participating in the professional education workshop series, we have a number of concrete outcomes for assisting you to take your sporting careers to the next level. Not just close interaction and discussion with other female sports stars who are already earning their living through sport – including some very interesting case studies on how they got there – but also the nuts and bolts skills you’ll need to take control of your own brand and career direction.