Agenda Conference

Recommendations to the Minister

The recommendations of this paper follow in-depth discussion from some of Australia’s leading administrators and athletes at the Sport for Women Agenda Conference. The Forum addressed three areas:

  1. Canberra stands out as a great example of what can be done when media, government, corporate and community come together to support women’s sport. What can we learn from this and can it be replicated?
  2. In addition to the facilitated discussions asking “What do ‘successful’ or ‘professional’ female sports careers look like?” and, “How important was the mindset of personal responsibility for success?” Leading athletes were asked to consider what they felt women’s sport needed and how this could be achieved?
  3. The Administrator group further discussed the general issues surrounding women’s sport.

Recommendation 1: National Strategic Action Plan for Sportswomen and Women’s Sports teams

  • A national action plan for equity and inclusive practices to be delivered for sporting organisations.
  • Examine all elements of the Canberra elite women’s sport model in the development of a women’s sports model (recognising that one size doesn’t necessarily fit all) using vehicles such as COAG to effect change.

Recommendation 2: Enhance government funding assistance to further develop and sustain broadcast partnerships of women in sport

  • Develop further in-depth research into media coverage of women in sport.

Recommendation 3: Funding for a women’s sport PR agency

  • That is a person or a team of people whose sole job is to promote women’s sport
    • Central agency
    • Sports can pay to use them
    • Accountable to the government

Recommendation 4: Improve the accountability of existing grants

  • There should be reportable and transparent KPIs in relation to the delivery.

Recommendation 5: Funding for a mentoring program

Currently little to no support for women transitioning from a playing career to "real world"

Recommendation 6: Develop programmes to keep women in sport through master’s programmes

Recommendation 7: Increase Government funds for leadership programs including working with universities to develop female sporting and academic scholarships

Recommendation 8: Funding for women’s sport NGO

  • Secure core funding to empower a united voice for women in sport.

Recommendation 9: Statutory and Legislative action

  • Develop and implement equality legislation that will mandate and support change including:
    • accountability;
    • funding;
    • governance;
    • leadership;
    • reporting.