Sport for Women

Susie O'Neil

Type: Player/Athlete
Sports: Swimming
Location: Australia

Susie O'Neill, OAM is a former competitive swimmer from Brisbane, Queensland. She was nicknamed "Madame Butterfly". She won the 200 m butterfly at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and the 200 m freestyle in Sydney. She holds the Australian women's record for the most Olympic medals (eight), with Dawn Fraser, Leisel Jones and Petria Thomas.

After winning a gold and a silver medal in her first attendance at a competition at the 1990 Commonwealth Games, O'Neill never failed to win a medal at any international meet she attended, right up until her final Olympics in front of a home crowd in Australia. At the 2000 Australia Trials before the Sydney Olympics, she broke the 19-year old world record of another "Madame Butterfly", Mary T. Meagher, in the 200m butterfly, but was beaten at the Sydney Games by American Misty Hyman, in an upset.

Via Wikipedia.