Sport for Women

Every Day is Sport for Women Day in 2014

On 10th February, The Hon Joe Hockey, MP joined with Australian Athlete of the Year Kim Crow and Layne Beachley, No 2 in the Top 100 Sportswomen of all  time to launch 'Every Day is Sport for Women Day in 2014'.

beachley hockey



• 10th February – 31st December Sport for Women Centralised Women’s Sport Aggregator and public relations unit.

• 16th July Sports Advocacy Group Mid Year Women’s Sport Review and AGENDA Conference.

• 29th September The Sportswomen’s Ball as part of Canberra Parliament Sports Festival- A celebration of Women’s Sport.

• October/November AGENDA Sport for Women Day Special. The sporting day will bring together media outlets, sportswomen, activists and other organisations to celebrate female sports and co-organise activities to promote participation and higher profile.


• Continuous promotion of women’s sport from a centralised and specialised unit ensuring maximum visibility.

• Four key focus points – Launch with participation – Conference & Review – Celebration & Participation - Promotion

• Media Joint Venture;

• Business partnerships and mentoring;

• Women’s sport education (of all stakeholders) and related benefits.

• Media engagement


Enquiries: Andy Turnbull +61 400


About Sport for Women:

• Recognises that government investment  in sport should be divided  equally between men and women

• Believes that sports federations should be demonstrably accountable for the operation and promotion of their sport to the female community 

• Believes that the accountability needs to be policed by an independent NGO

• Advocates for a tactical campaign to provide the necessary stimulus to the corporate and broadcasting communities to generate increased profile and corporate investment