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WC’s, EC’s and off to test out Sochi, Russia!

My mid season break came and went, and it was straight back into Ski Cross action! This time I had Ben with me for a World Cup event

I have just left Grasgehren, Germany where I was 24th in the WC Ski cross. Mother Nature is not being kind to the Tour this year. In the 3 WC events we have had in 2013, not once have we had a ‘normal’ event. Each event has had been delayed or put off schedule due to snow, wind and even rain. Germany was no different, with a four day event being held on one day! Rain and snow fell and we had all four seasons in 48 hours. The organising committee put in a lot of hard work and finally we could race. I was so excited to compete! I had a good training run and made note of key areas that I could further improve, however ended up a whopping 4.40 seconds behind the leader in qualifications. Not the result I was hoping for, but I will continue to learn from these experiences and look forward to having a positive day!

Sami Russia Blog 1

I am now in Davos, SUI for a Europa Cup, where we once again are battling the weather gods. Fresh snow and poor visibility prevented us from training yesterday and from competing today. We will try to race again tomorrow and then will head straight to Munich where the team with stay overnight, pack the bare minimum of necessities in our bags before flying out to Sochi, Russia on Sunday morning! For the next week or so I will be in Russia for the Olympic Test event- We get to compete on a track similar to the one that will be at the Olympics in 364 days time. I am really excited about this event and can’t wait to experience the Russian Culture!

I am really grateful for the kind messages and notes of support that have been in my inbox recently. Thank you for your support and encouragement!

Happy Skiing,