Sport for Women

Kim Crow

Type: Player/Athlete
Sports: Rugby League
Location: Australia

Top 100 Sportswomen Nomination

Kim made the transition from athletics to rowing seamlessly and has dominated her chosen sport since she began. Her media commentary, particularly on issues surrounding women in sport, is inspirational.

- Laura

Kim Crow in the News

Q & A

Greatest sporting achievement: Bronze medal women’s 8+ 2006 World Championships, silver medal women’s 2X 2010 World Championships, Beijing Olympian

Greatest achievement off the field: Graduating from my Media and Communications/Law degree, achieving a perfect score of 99.95 in my VCE

Who is your sporting heroine? Alisa Camplin

How many hours per week to you train/exercise? I interrupt training to occasionally sleep, eat, work and drink coffee

What kind of diet or nutrition plan are you on? Healthy balanced diet, making sure I get enough protein and carbohydrate to compensate for all the training

What do you love about your sport? The camaraderie, the relentless pursuit of excellence, the balance of grace and power

If you could change something about your sport, what would it be? I would build rowing courses in places like Majorca, the French Riviera and Phuket

What motivates you? The challenge of testing the boundaries, and re-defining the boundaries

Do you have a profession outside of your sport? Graduate Lawyer, freelance writer

Three words that describe you: Dedicated, meticulous, tall

If I wanted to play your sport, what advice would you give me? Enjoy every stroke

Kim Crow Supports Sport for Women Day

"I believe sport is a wonderful way to build communities, friendships and well-being. Any opportunity to give exposure to the variety of sports available, and the endless possibilities for women in sport, is one to be jumped upon. If even one girl or woman takes up sport because of today, it will be a success."