Sport for Women

Kerri Pottharst

Type: Player/Athlete
Sports: Beach Volleyball
Location: Australia

Kerri Pottharst began playing indoor volleyball in 1982 and by 1990 was recognised as one of the best volleyball players in Australia. A serious knee injury in 1992 forced her off the hard court and she began playing beach volleyball.

She partnered with Natalie Cook, and together, they represented Australia at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996, winning a bronze medal - the very first time that beach volleyball had been an Olympic sport. In the same year, the pair won a silver medal at the world championships, and came first in the World Tour Event in Japan.

Cook and Pottharst split for a few years afterwards, but reunited in time for the Sydney Olympics. Before the games, they finished third in the World Tour Events in France and Portugal. At the games themselves, the pair dominated the competition, taking out the gold medal.

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Kerri Pottharst at the Agenda 2013 Conference

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Q & A

Greatest sporting achievement: Olympic Gold 2000 and Olympic Bronze 1996

Greatest achievement off the field: Having a child (born 2006) Tyson, 4 yrs old AND recently completing my first book – The Business of being an Athlete, How to Build a Winning Career in Sport.

Who is your sporting heroine? I’ve always looked up to a range of great athletes and business women. I believe everyone has something they can offer and qualities that I can aspire to.

How many hours per week to you train/exercise? When I was competing at the International level, 25 hrs per week. I have now retired and I exercise about 5 hours per week. (This includes running after my 4 yr old!)

What kind of diet or nutrition plan are you on? I eat a variety of very healthy foods including meat, veggies and fruit. I steer clear of fattening sauces and limit sweet treats. I have always loved “raw” food and benefit from the increased vitamin content.

What do you love about your sport? It’s outdoors, the team work, the endurance and strength needed, the fact that it has provided me with a lifelong career and now I’m able to share what I learned throughout my career with others.

If you could change something about your sport, what would it be? Nothing.

What motivates you? A challenge, trying to be the best I can be and not letting others down.

Do you have a profession outside of your sport? I have been on the professional speaking circuit for over 10 years. I run Corporate Team Building events and also Goal Setting Workshops. I have just completed writing my first book.

Three words that describe you: Dedicated, committed and loyal.

If I wanted to play your sport, what advice would you give me? Start with a local club or school and get as many “touches” on the ball as you can.

Kerri Pottharst Supports Sport for Women Day

"When I first heard about Sport for Women Day, I couldn’t think of a better way to promote the message of Women’s Sport across our country. As an elite athlete in Volleyball and then Beach Volleyball for over 20 years, it’s been a hard slog getting the attention of the media, sponsors and continually finding creative ways to earn a living just so I could continue to train and compete in the sport I loved. Bringing this to the attention of our male sport dominated society will really help female athletes at all level. We need to keep women involved in sport so we can also enjoy the rewards of an active and healthy lifestyle."