Sport for Women

Jodie Fields

Type: Player/Athlete
Sports: Cricket
Location: Australia

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Q & A

What’s the best place in the world cricket has taken to you? Sri Lanka. The people are so lovely.

Between working, travelling and playing cricket, how do you maintain balance? I make an effort to spend time at home with my husband, family and friends doing normal things.

What drives you in competition? I always strive to play my best for my country and my teammates.

What would selection for the Ashes mean for you? The Ashes was my first Test Match as Australian Captain, so it’s very special for me. I’d love to win the Ashes back from England this year.

Do you eat well to maintain energy? Yes. I make sure my diet is filled with fresh food and vegies.

Do you have any instant energy boosters if you’re feeling flat? Berocca or bananas.

Other than cricket, what sports do you find invigorating? Tennis. Cycling. Boxing. Anything that combines strength and fitness.

With you busy schedule, what do you do to prevent a burnout? Lots of sleep! And I always take time out to read the Sunday papers with a coffee.

How do you relax and recharge? Watching a good movie on the couch.

How do you keep your exercise routine interesting? By combining a mixture of weights, running and cross training.

What would a typical day of training look like for you? Every day is different, but it usually consists of one hour of strength training, followed by a recovery session. In the evening we do team training.

Describe your day on a plate (starting with breakfast) Breakfast is oats, banana, yoghurt and coffee. Morning tea – rice cakes and fruit. Afternoon Tea – coffee and fruit. Dinner is either pasta or meat and three veg!

Jodie Fields Supports Sport for Women Day

"I support Sport for Women Day because sport provides a wonderful vehicle for females to achieve their goals, meet new friends, live a healthy lifestyle, and most importantly have fun!"