Sport for Women

Jade Close

Type: Player/Athlete
Sports: Hockey
Location: Australia

Jade Close is an Australian field hockey player. She plays club hockey for the NSW Arrows in the Australian Hockey League. She is a member of the Hockeyroos and has had 55 caps for the team. She represented Australia at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

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Jade Close Supports Sport for Women Day

"Sport for Women are an amazing organisation aiming for equality in sport across both genders."

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Q & A

Greatest sporting achievement:  Olympic Squad 2012

Greatest achievement off the field: Owning my own car

Who is your sporting heroine?  Allyson Annan

How many hours per week to you train/exercise?  Normally  12 – 14 hours

What kind of diet or nutrition plan are you on? No diet – just eat 6 small meals and treats when you have earnt them

What do you love about your sport? The competitiveness and rewards you get from training hard

If you could change something about your sport, what would it be? To shoot for goal from anywhere

What motivates you? My dream of being the best in my sport and playing the best for my team

Three words that describe you:  Outgoing, motivated, hard working

If I wanted to play your sport, what advice would you give me? Don’t play goalie be a striker way more fun!

Top 100 Sportswomen Nomination

Have been following her for a very long time and know she has strived for this since she was 4 years old. She is a wonderful young role model and is grounded and committed at being the best she can be.

- Emily Wrona