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Carmen Marton

Type: Player/Athlete
Sports: Taekwondo
Location: Australia

Carmen Marton's career highlights:

  • Silver at the World Cup in Japan, 2002.
  • Bronze medal at the World Taekwondo Championships in Madrid, 2005.
  • Reaching the quarterfinals in the Olympic Games in Beijing, 2008.
  • Reaching the semi-finals in the Olympic Games in London, 2012.

Carmen is a member of the Australian Olympic Team for London 2012.

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Q & A

Greatest sporting achievement: 2012 London Olympian and 2008 Beijing Olympian. World Championship Bronze medalist

Greatest achievement off the field: Completing my Exercise and Sport Science Degree at Deakin University

Who is your sporting heroine? My sister Caroline Marton. She has faced so many hardships in her life and continues to persevere each and every time.  Her skills and dedication are unmatched- she really pushes me to be a better fighter and gives me the courage to do so

How many hours per week to you train/exercise? Approximately 20 hours a week when preparing for benchmark events

What kind of diet or nutrition plan are you on? I participate in a weight category sport, so I need to make sure I do not over or under eat. I do my best to maintain my health and my weight with a balance of all food groups! To make sure I get the most out of my training sessions everyday, I need to time my intake of carbohydrates and protein. To ensure my immune system stays strong I eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. I also love cheese and yogurt which is a great source of calcium and important for females. I do my best to avoid processed sugar and chips, but I am human and let myself indulge every now and then

What do you love about your sport? I love the life long friendships I’ve made, the amazing places I have seen around the world and how it has shaped my character as a female! I also love challenging so many different elements during training and on the competition day itself – all the physical, mental and emotional aspects- you never stop learning about yourself

If you could change something about your sport, what would it be? More exposure in the media would be awesome! Taekwondo really is a global sport and has so much to offer. Currently Taekwondo does not receive any formal funding by the government even though it is an Olympic sport. I hope in future years Taekwondo athletes will be supported financially, with better programs and pathways to elite level competitions.

What motivates you? The love I have for the sport and the love I have for all my family, coaches and friends who are also involved in the sport. I like how it keeps me and my siblings close, I like working together as a team towards a common goal and being able to share the memories of the journey once it is over- regardless of the outcome

Do you have a profession outside of your sport? I teach children and adults all the different elements of Taekwondo- from self-defense to competition sparring. I also visit schools and businesses as a motivational speaker and to run educational clinics

Three words that describe you: Determined, ambitious, instinctive

If I wanted to play your sport, what advice would you give me? Taekwondo is perfect for female bodies! Really! Females have naturally flexible hips and the kicking action suits us so much more then males. Have fun with it- kick hard, scream out and release all your stress

Top 100 Sportswomen Nomination

I have known Carmen since she was 15 and competing at one of her first international competitions. Carmen is now 26 and over that time has not only competed in two Olympics and won numerous international medals but has shown such poise, grace and professi

- Paula Gleeson

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