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Julie Murray

Type: Player/Athlete
Sports: Go Karting
Location: Australia

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Q & A

Greatest sporting achievement: if I had to pick just one I would say scoring 2 goals at the World Cup USA 1999 as Captain.

Greatest achievement off the field: Playing a small part in the security of our amazing and wonderful country.

Who is your sporting heroine? I have great admiration and respect for a number of female athletes worldwide, the one I admired the most early on in my career was Steffi Graf however from a footballing perspective my heroine was definitely Julie Dolan.

How many hours per week do you train/exercise? Right now anywhere from 2- 8hrs (depending on my participation in adventure races or similar) however prior to my retirement I would say approx 6hrs/day pre season and approx 3hrs/day during the season (excluding game days of course).

What kind of diet or nutrition plan are you on? I don’t have a diet or nutritional plan as such, I tend to eat as healthy as I can as often as I can. I lead a very busy life with a lot of domestic and international travel for work so I try not to stress too much about eating out. Moderation is the key, however as I love all foods on the odd occasion moderation takes a back seat.

What do you love about your sport? The list is endless .. I would say how it makes me feel, I get the same intense heart racing feeling when I’m thinking about playing as I did when I played professionally (in fact even now in my local side). Everyone can play the game, there are absolutely no barriers to participation. From an early age the game provides an environment where kids can develop their social skills, feel a part and understand the importance of team dynamics, among other things. Football has so many things to offer anyone of any age it’s incredible. I love it!!!

If you could change something about your sport, what would it be? I’m not too sure I would change anything however I would definitely increase the requirement to promote/market the game on an equal footing as the men’s game.

What motivates you? My family and friends are great motivators, my passion for the game and how it makes me feel has always been the main driver behind anything I have done and everything that I still want to do!

Do you have a profession outside of your sport? Yes, I am a Security Advisor with the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency.

Three words that describe you: Loyal, committed and high integrity!

If I wanted to play your sport, what advice would you give me? Get down to your local association and register today! You won’t regret it.

Julie Murray Supports Sport for Women Day

Sport for Women Day provides the perfect environment for the wider community to engage on a personal level with female athletes who have contributed in so many positive ways in their chosen sport. It’s a ‘two way street’ opportunity for both the community and the athletes whereby their engagement ensures positive outcomes all round, an important initiate and one that I support 110%